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Our Leadership Team


In the Presbyterian form of government, the church is governed by A PASTOR (TEACHING ELDER) AND RULING ELDERS.  Elected by the congregation and ordained by the church, ruling elders serve as the primary leadership board - known as the SESSION - of the church. They are responsible for every aspect of the church, from providing spiritual leadership and vision to the care of our building and our finances. 

INTERIM PASTOR Rev. Dr. Scott DeBlock 

ELDERS currently serving on session:
Jenny Killian (Clerk of Session), Marty Davis, Eve Kenyon, Meg Knight, Maureen O'Connor, Sue Pangie, Jeanise Richards, Deb Seifert and Peter Wilson. 

Session Meeting Minutes Archive



The church also elects and ordains DEACONS to serve our congregation and community. Deacons provide for the basic elements of worship each week, organize community outreach programs, and oversee our ministry to the sick and shut-ins. They also provide financial assistance and scholarships to people in need.

Current Board of DEACONS:
Ken Killian (Chair), Heather Carter, Rick Daltilio, Ken Getsch, Cathy Hall, Becky Higley, Chuck Higley, Liz Holub, Jack Kenyon, Sharon Sommer, Judy Toelle and Colleen Walace 


Pastor Nominating Committee 

Pete Champagne, Bev Davis, Ken Getsch, Eve Kenyon, Donna Martin, Carrie Minner, Bill Oliver


Other Key Leaders

Choir Director - Eve Kenyon
Treasurer - Judy Toelle
Youth Group Leader - Tom Carter 
Administrative Assistant, Bookkeeper - Justina Danison 


Ministry Team Leaders

Building and Grounds/ Capital Improvement - open
Christian Education - Tom Carter
Deacons - Ken Killian
Leadership/ Nominating - Eve Kenyon
Mission/ Love in Action - Meg Knight & Bonnie Stofer
Personnel - Jenny Killian
Stewardship and Finance - Deb Seifert
Worship Planning - open